Changing it Up

Social media can be such a great form of entertainment, but it can also be incredibly boring, cliché, and even offensive. The things that get the most attention on the internet are the things that are clever and that haven't been seen before. Take your social media experience to extreme levels to keep yourself and your friends (and 'followers') entertained. Your friends will thank you, and who knows? You may get more 'likes' and 'follows'.

Stay Positive

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You don't always have to put a happy face on for the world online, but make sure any negative energy you give off isn't directed towards an individual or organisation.

Tip Number One


There are two main ways to keep your social media use interesting: the first is to consider what your audience finds entertaining. Mix their interests with the things you want to express.

Tip Number Two

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The second way to keep social media interesting is to notice what is going on around you. If you hear about or see things that aren't entertaining, avoid them in your own personal account activity.

Extreme Social Media

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Social media sites allow you to post text, pictures, videos, and links. Extreme social media users think carefully about everything they post to make sure they are entertaining their friends and followers.

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